SLSA ’07 in Portland, Maine

 SLSA ’07: CODE 

Biological and algorithmic, protector of secrets and porthole to mysteries, universal and singular, code is an invitation to thought. Code can be “wet” (genetic, organic, human), “dry” (digital, mathematical, logical), something in-between, neither, or both (linguistic, symbolic, religious, moral, legal). Code is the meeting ground of strange bedfellows, the cipherer and decipherer, the domain of law and its subversion, communication and privacy. Code is about patterns, sequences, systems, translations, substitutions. It can bind, trick, and free. Modern technologies are affording us more and more keys to unlock nature’s code and more opportunities to manipulate it.

Call for papers and panels, and submission procedures.

SLSA ’07 features two plenary sessions and twelve regular sessions with up to seven concurrent panels. The conference will be held in Portland, Maine, USA  MAP  . The first session will begin at 4pm on Thursday, 1 November, 2007. The wrap-up session ends at 1pm on Sunday, 4 November.

Plenary Speakers

N. Katherine Hayles, University of California, Los Angeles

Brian Massumi, Université de Montréal


The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts fosters the multi-disciplinary study of the relations among literature and language, the arts, science, medicine, and technology.


Susan McHugh, University of New England, Registration
Arielle Saiber, Bowdoin College, Logistics
Aden Evens, Dartmouth College, Program